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The float mouthpiece holder

The Woobasax is now equipped in all versions with the high-precision float mouthpiece holder made of aluminum with recessed rubber rings. This means that mouthpieces of all brands can be fitted to the Woobasax without any wear and tear, allowing unlimited tasting, refinement and perfection. Unique!

About WoobaSax

The Wooba Sax is a wooden saxophone combined from a conical hardwood piece with bamboo finish and an original saxophone mouthpiece, finished in pure handwork in Germany.

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What our musicians say about WoobaSax

I am completely thrilled with the Sax. It also arrived in time so that I could take it with me on holiday. It has very beautiful tones. Maybe I will dare to play street music with the sax soon. Then I will be happy to advertise for you and your for you and your craftsmanship.
The Woobasx arrived today with me and it is just great!!! Makes totally a lot of fun and is really easy to learn. Clearly the breathing technique I need to train a little bit and my fingers still have to get used to it. But that should all go work with a little practice. So thank you very much. I am thrilled !!!
Hello, I have owned the Woobasax for almost a year and I am thrilled. I could not believe what a beautiful sound the Woobasax has. In addition, so handy and robust, I find it totally great that I can take it anywhere, just in the backpack and rrrriiihhhaaaa.

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