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I am completely thrilled with the sax and it arrived on time. in time (thank you very much) so that I could take it with me on holiday. It has very beautiful tones.Maybe I will dare to make street music with the sax soon. to make street music with the sax. Then I will be happy to advertise for you and your for you and your craftsmanship.
The Woobasx arrived today and it's just great!!! It's a lot of fun and really easy to learn. Of course I have to practice the breathing technique a little and my fingers still have to get used to it, You get really cramped fingers when you start playing, I also have small hands and I still have trouble grasping the instrument, but that should all go away with practice. So thank you very much. I am thrilled!
Hello, I have owned the Woobasax for almost a year and I am absolutely thrilled. I couldn't believe what a beautiful sound the Woobasax has. And it's so handy and robust, I think it's great that I can take it everywhere, just put it in my backpack and rrrriiihhhaaaa.

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