The Wooba Sax


The bestseller. This Saxophone with a total length of 45cm amazes with its impressive sound. Its possible to play it so wonderful jazzy. It is tuned chromatically (major) and has the lowest note C.
The wooden center piece consists of fine mahogany wood.
The Wooba Sax comes with a removable Alto Sax Mouthpiece, a cap and a quality 2 reed.
Optionally, there is a stand made of MosoBamboo to enable the easy putting up of the saxophone.

99,00 €

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This instrument is also made conical and has a very lovely clarinet-like sound. The chromatic scale of the Saxonette begins with the rootnote D.
Mounted is a Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece, also removable, with a soprano 2 reed, protected by the cap.

49,00 €

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